Rock N Roll Cupcakes

I have to tell you, when I heard a "Rock N Roll Cupcakes" was opening, I had grand dreams of a retro modern shop with records on the wall and a sexy man with scruff and combat boots serving me cupcakes on a guitar table.  
    When I ventured down La Brea this afternoon I had to smile when I came upon the cupcake version mix of Cabo Cantina and a public pool concession stand. They have a walk up window where they serve hot dogs, sundae's, coffee, cupcakes, and their signature "cupcake sundae".

I scored and tried one of these sundae wonders, "Heath Richards" was his name. It was good ... the whole thing reminded me of going to the dairy dream on the side of the road in Mt. Pleasant, Ohio, but I was on Sunset Blvd. with cars zooming past and a view of the Wendy's. Cute & random. Nothing seems to last long in this space but I hope this summer brings tourist craving a sugar buzz to get them through Hollyhood. 

Rock N Roll Cupcakes
Sunset & La Brea

F&D's First Photo Shoot Production

Many mornings and nights, I have been up pouring over photographer's websites. I follow numerous blogs highlighting photography and production. It dawned on me this may be something I should check out, because I may love it, and I did.

Thank you to Suga' Pies for allowing me to put this together and making such beautiful pies, and being good looking in general

Bobby Hicks, photographer

Also thanks to Kelsey's and my sweet friends for being a part of the day and letting us use their backyard and also looking fresh to death

I am looking forward to doing more of everything like this in the future. To book for your company, engagement, wedding, or lifestyle pictures contact:
We are looking to build our portfolio so it could be free!


Vinoteca, a rock's throw down the street from my girlfriends digs, was the perfect early evening spot. Not to mention that it was happy hour from 4-7 and we had wine by the glass for around $6 and apps starting at $7.

We had the calamari and mozzarella caprese salad. So good!
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This is in honor of the amazing/awful gift of Chanel my sister got in the mail yesterday.

and fashion is the healthiest motivation for losing weight. obvi.


Granted, I have written about the Turkey Hummus Melt from Aroma before.
In a series of bad events, my sister took me on an aroma date so I could have my comfort food...
I love being in that soothing place of good looking people, fountains, desserts, and fresh juice.

seeing this photo motivates me to go out in public less in the morning

Tujunga Blvd. in Studio City

Suga' Pies

I recently scored an interview with the founder and owner of Suga' Pies, Kelsey Smith. This pin-up sweetheart started her pie biz just over two weeks ago and has already become the new up and coming presence of homemade pastry across Los Angeles getting a lot of support from friends, family, and local foodies.

Kelsey, born and raised in Kansas, inherited this sweet gene from her Grandmother.

"Who always had a pie in the oven."

Facing getting lost in the hustle of career drive vs happiness, Smith explained that she wants to be content doing what she loves without the stress of the doomsday grind we all know and hate.
What she loves is baking pies, so I think she's on the right track.
Don't you?
Ready to embrace the blissful simplicity of midwest roots, the same can be said of the amazing pies that slide out of that oven.
"They are simple but good. Simple, pretty, with flaws. A little messy means a real person made it."

With these homemade pies comes a homemade delivery. In a vintage dress, apron, and heels this Jane Cleaver meets Katy Perry knocks on your front door bringing the perfect: birthday, new neighbor, baby, feel better, homesick, break-up, suck up to your boss, suck up to HR because you need vacation time, or say to your sweetie "I don't feel like being domestic today but I am still the bomb and can swipe my credit card with the greatest of ease and deliver you homemade pie" pie.

Suga Pies favorite restaurant is Cole's because, "they do one thing and they do it right." I think the same can be said of you S.P...

I see good things happening for Ms Smith in her new position as head pastry chef of Suga' Pies.

She even let me have one of the illusive mixed berry wonders of the midwest to try* ....

It was amazing. I shared it with friends and we all basically flipped out.
The crust? Are you kidding me. Glory.
K. Smith: for menu and ordering
fav restaruant: Cole's, Downtown LA
fav. cocktail pl: Prince O' Whales, Playa Del Ray
fav. pie: sour cream & raisin
follow her on Twitter to see where she is passing out free pie and SP updates


The Food Revolution

One of my new favorite shows is Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution on ABC. It got me thinking about the food that was offered to me in junior high and high school.  Pizza,  pasta,  cookies,  nachos,  chocolate milk,  breadsticks,  chicken strips, and  fries.  Oh yes and Cheddar Chex Mix from the vending machine with Lemon Nestea. I remember going on a diet once during track season and getting cut carrots and celery but also downing 6 tablespoons of ranch with it. Not only do I think it effected me academically but more importantly to most small towns: my athletics. I just had an "if only" moment......               
No one ever explained proper nutrition to me, and only in my later years did my family stray away from the common meat and carb dinners.  Was your experience different? 

I believe that proper nutrition is so important.  It is shocking to see how many people are so backward when it comes to feeding the youth of America and essentially poisoning them instead of giving them life! We can change our technology but not use its resources? Sign Jamie's Petition and make a difference. 

Pool Kick Off

With the Roosevelt down the street from my apartment I got the call, shaved my legs, and practically skipped down the street.
To my shock and horror the new rule "that just started today" :::: only hotel guests are allowed to use the chaises' and couches. There is a velvet rope and a huge security guard. REALLY? really.

So off to the W we went to kick it by Drai's pool. As you can see it is not a huge space so our real estate today wasn't the best because it's a first come first get the good chair basis. They do have cabana's for God knows how much.. but in leu of a pool of my own this isn't a special event. This is my new Wednesday afternoon. Thanks Victor. Even though your service was less then up to par, I will take your house of pool, sun, and overpriced cocktails. Any liquid taste good in the sun.

My advice - get there early for a good seat. 

Birthday Cake(s)

Baking is one of the things that calms me down and centers me. I like cooking normal food too but there is just something more fun about working with sugar. So basically I just saved $75 and worked out all of my problems making these... not to mention my kitchen smells like sweet caky berries. YUM

My Night

With summer dangling its toes off the edge of the Hollywood Hills,  I have been doing more grocery shopping and less in n out drive-through. 
Tonight I made asparagus with a garlic brown sauce, and sauteed shrimp in the same pan which gave the shrimp a yummy golden brown flavor. For dessert, I am enjoying my 88 cent fresh ripe strawberries..

* 88 cent strawberries from Ralph's .. aww yeah baby

F&D gets healthy

So what do you eat when you've been eating on the gravy train for a little too long?? .... 

Very Cherry Berry Blend from TJ's* has been a great breakfast replacing my those buttery hash browns and pancakes. Plus my holistic nutritionist explained to me that berries are the best fruit to eat because they have the least sugar + antioxidants. Cheers  (with cucumber water) to your beach body & your health!
call 310.854.7700 to book with Jessica @ Ole Henriksen in the Sunset Plaza

Borracho Cantina = AMAZING HAPPY HOUR

Neatly placed on Sunset Boulevard, Borracho Cantina may hold the most genius happy hour concept in LA. They have it TWICE A DAY from 3pm-6pm & then again from 10pm-1am, for 1/2 food, $5 margaritas and well drinks.
My girlfriends and I grabbed a late bite and a few margarita's last night. I had the veggie taco & spinach and mushroom taco (pictured above) for a grand total of $4. My margarita was $5 so my theory is, if I can get food and a drink for cheaper than valet, I'm down. The tacos were so yummy, I am craving one right now! Our drinks were not that amazing. We ordered skinny margarita's and they came out with triple sec. We sent them back (because we want to be skinny and triple sec makes me turn bright red) and the second tasted as bitter as the bartender probably was re-making them. But any combination of tequila and lime juice and I can typically take down so...
I love mexican and I love not paying mucho $$$ for it so if I am in the area I will go back!
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