Borracho Cantina = AMAZING HAPPY HOUR

Neatly placed on Sunset Boulevard, Borracho Cantina may hold the most genius happy hour concept in LA. They have it TWICE A DAY from 3pm-6pm & then again from 10pm-1am, for 1/2 food, $5 margaritas and well drinks.
My girlfriends and I grabbed a late bite and a few margarita's last night. I had the veggie taco & spinach and mushroom taco (pictured above) for a grand total of $4. My margarita was $5 so my theory is, if I can get food and a drink for cheaper than valet, I'm down. The tacos were so yummy, I am craving one right now! Our drinks were not that amazing. We ordered skinny margarita's and they came out with triple sec. We sent them back (because we want to be skinny and triple sec makes me turn bright red) and the second tasted as bitter as the bartender probably was re-making them. But any combination of tequila and lime juice and I can typically take down so...
I love mexican and I love not paying mucho $$$ for it so if I am in the area I will go back!
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