This past NFL Sunday we ventured out for football food and football drinks. Stout seemed like the right choice. They have a cool, laid back interior, a big selection of beer on tap, with burgers and chicken sandwiches on the menu. Unfortunately it was the WRONG choice. The manager condescendingly told us he would not turn on the volume of the TV's because they were not a sports bar. ( Then why the heck do you have TV's in your bar? ) The burger was a greasy frozen patty that crumbled when I tried to take bites of its soppy bun. The chicken was the same frozen patty quality. To top it off, after explaining to our waitress that we did not have a good experience, nothing was done to remedy this situation. No manager apology, nothing taken off our bill. Which isn't the point, but for $8 a pop, the beer cups reminded me of a tea party I used to have years and years ago. SO unfortunate. I do respect their beer pairing concept, which I think is great. Not great enough for me to go back.Stout on Urbanspoon

Ding Ding!

Out of my fridge, I huge bright light rose above my head after yoga today. I had everything I needed to knock off Aroma Cafes turkey hummus melt.
I have to tell you, it was a proud moment for this little cook.

Sourdough browned with Olive Oil
Garlic Hummus
Cheddar Cheese
Sprinkled with Basil

The real deal is in Studio City. Coffee & Tea on Urbanspoon

The Three Sushi King's of Hollywood

You want sushi in LA? We boast the three K's: Katsuya, Katana, and Koi. Take your pick of the three, and you will have ambiance, a good roll, and a pricey bill. It pains me to say, because Katsuya has become the quintessential trend bot of the boulevard, but it is my favorite of the three roll wise. Katana wins my vote for ambiance with its outdoor deck patio overlooking the sunset strip and good service. Koi boasts both ambiance and good rolls but they do not have great service ( having to ask for refills every single time is brutal to me )
I know I am including a large scope of sushi, but if you are looking for a lower price point and less of a scene head to SHINTARO which would be my #1 recommendation ( and a lot of other people's..) if you don't feel like wearing your heels to dinner.

Koi on Urbanspoon


It was a sunny afternoon perfect for the outdoor back patio seat at Susan Fenigers, Street. From what I understand, this place is very controversial in the food world of Los Angeles because the concept boasts Susan's global food travels condensed in to one menu ( and ) out of one kitchen. The meal, filled with several different beers and a bottle of white wine between four of us*, satisfied my sweet tooth. Every dish seemed to have a sugary base, which tasted good going down, but in the retrospect of its entirety made everything blend together in a not-so-stand-out kind of way. In a perfect world, we could have a small alley full of different vendors from across the globe bringing the true unwatered down version of their spicy and rich foods. Until then, we have another trendy LA restaurant that is definitely worth trying once. Twice actually, because I would go back for the kaya toast.

* The knowledge of spirits from the bartender to the wait staff is a no go. Susie Q should make a pairing chart for everyone's sake.

Susan Feniger's Street on Urbanspoon

Gate of India

I have become accustom to walking in to an Indian restaurant and the entire ( Indian ) staff practically jumping on top of my table to get me what I need seeming grateful and excited for my business. Not the case with this gate to India. The service was slow slow slow, and they did not even seem happy to have us in the nearly empty restaurant. This is unfortunate because the food did live up to its reviews, and although we went for dinner, they have great lunch specials and delivery. I would get delivery! On the upside though, if you go for dine-in, it is right next to Pinkberry! Gate of India on Urbanspoon Urban Spoon voted and 83% like the Gate of India, maybe it was an off night for the place. Because chicken tikka masala is as addicting as LA's favorite frozen yogurt ... I might have to give it another try.

Dillon's Irish Pub

Top of the morning to you Ashley, our sweet as pie waitress from Tex-Arkana. This is the green land of $3 pints, amazing nachos, and probably some of the best service you will find in Los Angeles. Dillon's is the kind of place that feels like you could be anywhere in America, good ol' food, drinks, and plasma TV's with the game on. With better-than-average bar food and over 30 beers on tap, I write to you about this pot of gold not because of it's unique concept, but because I really feel like the whole staff makes such an effort to provide a great experience. Check out the place ... valet parking is only $3 too! 6263 Hollywood Blvd.Dillon's Irish Pub on Urbanspoon

El Carmen

This past Sunday I was invited to go to El Carmen for a type of bartender secret society meeting. It was like church; mingling, small talk, and passionate speaker. But, that little cup of grape juice and a prayer at the end was swapped out for a smooth shot of tequila and a bloody mary like chaser. I love Jesus, and church, so I am not being sacrilegious. The whole time I was just sitting there thinking how similar the two entities were minus their overall goals. BACK TO El C : Every kind of tequila in the free world. A great reputation. Good (cheaper) Mexican food and nice bartenders. A+. I think even Jesus would approve of a good red grapefruit margarita on a warm Sunday afternoon. Don't you?

The Roger Room

I have been to the RR several times since it has opened around 7 months ago (ish?) Classic cocktails with a modern crowd. Not too trendy, not too gay, and not too business ... You can really be anyone and enjoy this little treasure. For you little vodka soda floozies, it is time to put your hustle down and try something new. ORDER OFF THE MENU and enjoy the experience of a good cocktail. 370 N. La Cienega Boulevard

Bar Marmont - DATE NIGHT

F the trendiness. This place has such good food I would go to the fabric district downtown and sit next to a crack pipe to have one of their burgers. Beautiful staff and ambiance. The butterflies on the ceiling feel whimsical yet sophisticated.
It is more, then I would typically like to spend on my food ( the Burger is around $16 ) but every once a month it is a fail proof night and you must live it up sometimes, you are LIVING IN LA.

Let's Talk TIKI at TIKI TI's

This video is a teensy bit cheesy but it gives you
the idea of what happens.
These drinks taste so good I am immediately
transported to a desert island with a tan.

Genghis Cohen, Genghis Cohen How I love thee

This is my Sunday: Football and Chinese with my boyfriend. He is from New York and knows his Chinese. He introduced me and Genghis. He and I are in love and running away together. Order everything, but definitely order the WALNUT SHRIMP, the NY STYLE EGG ROLLS, the THREE FLAVORED LO MEIN, and the PORK DUMPLINGS. Please. GREAT FOR GROUP DINNERS

( if you are wondering what symbol that is .. it is the chinese symbol for devotion )

Pink Pepper THAI

This is my food babies daddy.
PP is one block away from my apartment and I am addicted to Thai. Lucky for me PP is amazing, delivers, and makes a mean coconut soup ( TOM KHA ) AND you get free egg rolls if you order online. So, yeah. Get down with it on your lunch break, because I do and it's good.

the fridge, for fun

my fridge today everything you need to not make a meal that goes with it

The Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel

It is time I relived that magical night with you. Five different bottles of wine, four courses, and one bottle of Moet Chandon. My little Marc Jacobs dress in my new relationship pure bliss. I am from the country, Red Lobster was the most expensive restaurant in town, so fine dining is the little dose of heroin I have never had before living in LA. I'll stand by my cheddar bay biscuits till death, but I went to heaven with our personal sommelier by my side. The old rickety Beverly Hills couple layered in Ralph Lauren sitting next to us made me not want to be there everyday, but I could definitely dawn my (fake) diamonds every once in a while.


This little gem on the Sunset Strip has gone unfortunately unnoticed by me for years. If you have the extra money, make a reservation and prepare yourself for an amazing experience. The tiny magical kitchen has one perfect chef that prepares Italian like I have never had before. The food and service is impeccable. If you sit in the front, make sure you wonder up the back stairs .. Kitchen + Wine on Urbanspoon