Suga' Pies

I recently scored an interview with the founder and owner of Suga' Pies, Kelsey Smith. This pin-up sweetheart started her pie biz just over two weeks ago and has already become the new up and coming presence of homemade pastry across Los Angeles getting a lot of support from friends, family, and local foodies.

Kelsey, born and raised in Kansas, inherited this sweet gene from her Grandmother.

"Who always had a pie in the oven."

Facing getting lost in the hustle of career drive vs happiness, Smith explained that she wants to be content doing what she loves without the stress of the doomsday grind we all know and hate.
What she loves is baking pies, so I think she's on the right track.
Don't you?
Ready to embrace the blissful simplicity of midwest roots, the same can be said of the amazing pies that slide out of that oven.
"They are simple but good. Simple, pretty, with flaws. A little messy means a real person made it."

With these homemade pies comes a homemade delivery. In a vintage dress, apron, and heels this Jane Cleaver meets Katy Perry knocks on your front door bringing the perfect: birthday, new neighbor, baby, feel better, homesick, break-up, suck up to your boss, suck up to HR because you need vacation time, or say to your sweetie "I don't feel like being domestic today but I am still the bomb and can swipe my credit card with the greatest of ease and deliver you homemade pie" pie.

Suga Pies favorite restaurant is Cole's because, "they do one thing and they do it right." I think the same can be said of you S.P...

I see good things happening for Ms Smith in her new position as head pastry chef of Suga' Pies.

She even let me have one of the illusive mixed berry wonders of the midwest to try* ....

It was amazing. I shared it with friends and we all basically flipped out.
The crust? Are you kidding me. Glory.
K. Smith: for menu and ordering
fav restaruant: Cole's, Downtown LA
fav. cocktail pl: Prince O' Whales, Playa Del Ray
fav. pie: sour cream & raisin
follow her on Twitter to see where she is passing out free pie and SP updates


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