The Food Revolution

One of my new favorite shows is Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution on ABC. It got me thinking about the food that was offered to me in junior high and high school.  Pizza,  pasta,  cookies,  nachos,  chocolate milk,  breadsticks,  chicken strips, and  fries.  Oh yes and Cheddar Chex Mix from the vending machine with Lemon Nestea. I remember going on a diet once during track season and getting cut carrots and celery but also downing 6 tablespoons of ranch with it. Not only do I think it effected me academically but more importantly to most small towns: my athletics. I just had an "if only" moment......               
No one ever explained proper nutrition to me, and only in my later years did my family stray away from the common meat and carb dinners.  Was your experience different? 

I believe that proper nutrition is so important.  It is shocking to see how many people are so backward when it comes to feeding the youth of America and essentially poisoning them instead of giving them life! We can change our technology but not use its resources? Sign Jamie's Petition and make a difference. 


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