Birds = booooo

This afternoon we took a little drive over to Franklin and Bronson. We walked down the street passing an outdoor cafe, some strip mall Chinese, and a coffee shop and happened upon Birds. I had been there about a year ago for drinks, but this afternoon was strictly food and not so great. I had a cheeseburger, one of my weaknesses, and it was just eh. However Alex enjoyed his rotisserie chicken, even though he had to sit next to a party of six cops. I sent my fries back too, and the fresh ones tasted just as bad, only warmer. I'm going to stick with beer if I'm ever back, although they do have that magic element: LOCATION and the seats were pretty comfy too! 5925 Franklin Blvd.

The Waffle

When my boyfriend, Alex and I, first started dating this became a place we frequented. Close to home, good breakfast, and a great manager who we adore, The Waffle still keeps us coming back (around two times a week...) This is the perfect brunch spot, still trendy, but you can rock your sweats and not feel out of place if you had a long night. My all time favorite = The Denver Scramble. 6255 W. Sunset