Rock N Roll Cupcakes

I have to tell you, when I heard a "Rock N Roll Cupcakes" was opening, I had grand dreams of a retro modern shop with records on the wall and a sexy man with scruff and combat boots serving me cupcakes on a guitar table.  
    When I ventured down La Brea this afternoon I had to smile when I came upon the cupcake version mix of Cabo Cantina and a public pool concession stand. They have a walk up window where they serve hot dogs, sundae's, coffee, cupcakes, and their signature "cupcake sundae".

I scored and tried one of these sundae wonders, "Heath Richards" was his name. It was good ... the whole thing reminded me of going to the dairy dream on the side of the road in Mt. Pleasant, Ohio, but I was on Sunset Blvd. with cars zooming past and a view of the Wendy's. Cute & random. Nothing seems to last long in this space but I hope this summer brings tourist craving a sugar buzz to get them through Hollyhood. 

Rock N Roll Cupcakes
Sunset & La Brea


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