Seven Grand

I had the opportunity to head downtown Monday night for a whiskey event held by Sky Spirits at the acclaimed Seven Grand. Not its normal night I know, but with the pool tables covered in catered food, and whiskey from around the globe, what girlfriend can't be a good sport and at least enjoy a few shrimp. ( Or so I thought .. ) To my complete shock, I actually liked some of the whiskies. Spread around the room were the actual distillers of the spirit from Japan to Ireland. The Scottish man explained to me that if you dip your finger in the whiskey and rub it on the back of your hand you can smell if it is ready to drink. If it has a mossy or green aroma it is not ready, and if it has more of a bakery in the morning smell... you got it. Sip away. Sky even had a table set up where you could mix your own cocktail. I liked the tart apple honey cocktail the bartenders made me. Twice. It was one of the better tasting events I have been to, and really appreciated the enthusiasm of the men who have made this craft their life. You may even find me ordering a 12 year Tullamore Dew with a splash of water out on the town. 515 West 7th Street


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