With the movie coming up ( that I cannot wait to see! ) It is only fitting that we finally went to Wonderland. We did bottle service with a new vodka that is hitting the scene called AKVINTA. After a few cocktails with soda and lime, I was expecting to wake and feel like I tumbled down a rabbit hole (yeah, I said it). Thank you AKVINTA for being organic and 5 times filtered. I arose refreshed like a little tea party princess. We sat next to a faux green wall, but saw no Queen of Hearts. It has the crowd, but nothing so spectacular that makes it any different from any other hot spot raking the $$'s in bottle service right now. I wish they would have taken it to the next level in some way, I would have loved to have seen a special potion bottle or a card dealer, even a bartender in a top hat. Call me crazy, but I like a show. I had a good time though. If you want to be in the it scene, go soon. Before it's too late. How do you get there? "Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end: then stop." - The King, Alice In Wonderland


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