This past NFL Sunday we ventured out for football food and football drinks. Stout seemed like the right choice. They have a cool, laid back interior, a big selection of beer on tap, with burgers and chicken sandwiches on the menu. Unfortunately it was the WRONG choice. The manager condescendingly told us he would not turn on the volume of the TV's because they were not a sports bar. ( Then why the heck do you have TV's in your bar? ) The burger was a greasy frozen patty that crumbled when I tried to take bites of its soppy bun. The chicken was the same frozen patty quality. To top it off, after explaining to our waitress that we did not have a good experience, nothing was done to remedy this situation. No manager apology, nothing taken off our bill. Which isn't the point, but for $8 a pop, the beer cups reminded me of a tea party I used to have years and years ago. SO unfortunate. I do respect their beer pairing concept, which I think is great. Not great enough for me to go back.Stout on Urbanspoon


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