Gate of India

I have become accustom to walking in to an Indian restaurant and the entire ( Indian ) staff practically jumping on top of my table to get me what I need seeming grateful and excited for my business. Not the case with this gate to India. The service was slow slow slow, and they did not even seem happy to have us in the nearly empty restaurant. This is unfortunate because the food did live up to its reviews, and although we went for dinner, they have great lunch specials and delivery. I would get delivery! On the upside though, if you go for dine-in, it is right next to Pinkberry! Gate of India on Urbanspoon Urban Spoon voted and 83% like the Gate of India, maybe it was an off night for the place. Because chicken tikka masala is as addicting as LA's favorite frozen yogurt ... I might have to give it another try.


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