It was a sunny afternoon perfect for the outdoor back patio seat at Susan Fenigers, Street. From what I understand, this place is very controversial in the food world of Los Angeles because the concept boasts Susan's global food travels condensed in to one menu ( and ) out of one kitchen. The meal, filled with several different beers and a bottle of white wine between four of us*, satisfied my sweet tooth. Every dish seemed to have a sugary base, which tasted good going down, but in the retrospect of its entirety made everything blend together in a not-so-stand-out kind of way. In a perfect world, we could have a small alley full of different vendors from across the globe bringing the true unwatered down version of their spicy and rich foods. Until then, we have another trendy LA restaurant that is definitely worth trying once. Twice actually, because I would go back for the kaya toast.

* The knowledge of spirits from the bartender to the wait staff is a no go. Susie Q should make a pairing chart for everyone's sake.

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