When you think of Jamaica what comes to mind? Having never visited I was thinking leathery tans, Rasta braids, and Red Stripe.
I was pleasantly surprised by the rich culture of Caribbean food and drink. Fresh lobster dipped in garlic butter, curry conch, seasoned steamed shrimp, and of course, jerk chicken were just a few of the meals I loved so much! On our adventure to the Appleton Rum distillery we stopped at a few places along the side of the road and bought fresh seafood from ladies peeling shrimp for the mango shrimp soup (pictured above) and loved fresh fruit rum drinks from the local bars in Negril (pictured below). My favorite meal(s) were the lobster dinners at the resort we stayed at called Tensing Pen, listening to the waves crash feet away from us warm from the day's tan. If and when you go, be sure to wonder out ( with someone who knows their way around ) and try something new.


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