This is where it's at for brunch. Doughboys has the best people watching, bomb food, and great service. Despite the fact that they were slammed on this Saturday afternoon, everyone on staff made such an effort to give us a great experience. We started with the after school special, then went on to breakfast with the blueberry flax seed griddlecakes and a caponata egg frittata. It was all great, and probably one of the best grilled cheese's of my life. That says a lot to because my mom always said I should write a book called Grilled Cheese Across America. ( I was a picky eater, and would only order grilled cheese off of every menu on every vacation we ever went on for about 10 years...) Great coffee too!


Diana said...

i would so read that book! i recall a time when i went to hartville kitchen with my mom's extended family and my aunt was outraged that with all that amazing amish cooking all i wanted was a grilled cheese. c:

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