Make Your VDay Pop

If you want some ideas to make his (and your) V-DAY special this year ...

Offer to do drinks and apps at your place before dinner. It will take some $$ stress off you man, and even if money is no object it will show you care and made the effort to make him feel special.
The drink and apps don't have to bust your bank either, buy a bottle of Freixenet Brut for around $9. Pair your champagne of choice with a nice gorgonzola stuffed mushroom, or if you don't have the time to cook, pick up some fresh shrimp for shrimp cocktail. It's all about presentation. Have everything ready before he gets there so you can keep your eyes on him! ( If you are married, make him wait to see the spread by sending him to his room. Have your sexy red dress hidden by the mixer ready to slip on so when he comes out the surprise isn't just the food.)
Wanna see how the date goes before committing to inviting him in? At the end of dinner, surprise him with an invite back to your place for dessert. Make a sweet cherry pie and pair it with some gourmet vanilla bourbon ice cream from the Mercantile. If you want to keep is simple, slice strawberries and fill them with a little whipped cream. I would also pop that bottle of brut if you didn't already!

Thanks to my favorite blog, you have a music mix to get everything ready to and put you in a lovey mood.

It is going to be more fun for both of you, being domestic is sexy and guys deserve a little extra love on this cheesy/amazing day too.

Place I would want to try for the big night: Bar Bouchon in Beverly Hills. Has anyone been there yet?


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