House Party

Big or small, I have produced cupcakes & punch to Lady Ga Ga dancers & a 20 person staff at mansions across the hills of the LA. It's really not that complicated either way, and do not considered myself an event coordinator ( which if we're being honest, IS a glorified personal assistant ) the thing is you just have to know what's up at all times. If you're one of the lucky ones that has that magical radar of knowing everything that is going on in a room and what people are thinking before they tell you ... it's just another day with a laundry list of stuff to buy at bevmo. 

As I start my morning, about to throw a surprise party for a Tiffany in Beverly Hills ... it got me thinking about what every coordinator really needs in her purse.... besides the obvious gum, lip gloss, shout wipes, and the number to Pink Dot saved in your phone...

  • A map of the area within a 5 mile radius ( printed of google maps or wherever..) it never fails the at least 2 people that are supposed to be there 20 minutes ago to help set up are lost and calling you be there proper English speaking GPS lady. 
  • Sunscreen I never expect to be hit with direct sunlight while unloading bags of cups and pour spouts. What client wants to see a burn victim asking them if they are having fun? Brutal.
  • Internet access. Blackberry, Iphone, Laptop... when you meet with the people make sure you have cell service or ask where you can go to look up the emergency plumber you will most likely have to call with 60 people doing their business in one bathroom.
  • Envelopes. I always surprise myself with a pat on the back when I pack these. Every client asks for one to put money in. Giving leftover shopping money back to the client, the staff needs to get paid, the chef sent someone else to pick up the cash. All things feeling, looking, and being much better off in a sealed envelope. 
  • Your card. As inevitably 17 people approach you to either plan their next event, tell you how they DJ, tell you how they cook... etc. Because you can't really engage in these conversations bc you are doing 3 other things, if you have your card in your pocket ready to toss their way it shuts em up, and lets them know you are interested in them at the same time.
  • Scissors and an extra wine key.  I have a pen knife that turns in to scissors next to my wine key at ALL times in my purse. It only goes in the glove box before I get to LAX. This is where if you are even still reading I would like to scold party bartenders... you don't have a bar kit? Your own shaker and bottle opener? You call yourself a bartender and you don't have a muddler?? WTF. Make a kit people. Even maybe grab an ice bucket from the bar you work at. Take yourself a little less seriously as an actor and organize what is actually making you money. #iknowiambitchingbutitstrue. yes I hash marked it.

Ultimately its just about not freaking out and having a good time, being willing to start the earliest and stay the latest, and hopefully make the most money out of everyone for doing so. CHEERS! 


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