Nike's ESPY Pre-Party - Girls Night

Last night at the Los Angeles Athletic Club, painfully close to 7 Grand, was the Nike party for the impending Espy Awards. In my little Ohio mind I went in to it believing that this was going to be the equivalent of going to the Playboy mansion for a dude. Pro-athlete's, free booze, and a gang of girlfriends. Score.
   The hors d'oeuvres were aight,  and the signature greyhound cocktail with basil that was tray passed was really nice. I love when an event has a good cocktail flowing all night.
    I have to say, the real gem of the evening was when we realized we weren't meeting our baller babies daddies, put some patron in our step, and took over the dance floor with a group of 5'4" Asian dancers. Their sig move was the robot pop and lock thing. I tried it.. it's cool.
   I love being out with the crew, I wish a catering company could actually do a good catered mini burger ( even though it's logistically impossible ) and I won't be mixing white wine and vodka anytime soon.  Oh and I saw Darryl from the office while old school hip hop blasted from the speakers. 


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