Lake Havasu

 We had a great weekend on the water at Lake Havasu. I had heard to many rumors of crazy debauchery filled with titty tassels and old leathery men in tank tops, I wasn't sure what to expect. All I knew is that I was on the cool kids boat, and even if people were getting creepy we could jet out and find a small cove to rock in. Maybe it was the weekend we went, it was Mother's Day. The craziest incident was a magic man trapping himself under water in cement locks... I never did see him escape. We got to see a few too small for their beer bodies bikini's, and some tan "lake people" but nothing that took away from a mojito going down smooth at the Naked Turtle Beach Bar. I love a lake. I love a cooler, good music, and some water to dip my toes in. Oh and my boat name is "Bitch Please." Like literally the name of the purple boat I would have if I lived lakeside.


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